SuperWater HyOx  

Feel the best of the water purified and enriched with our proprietary patent pending CZF
Technology that enhances all the benefits of the water and makes you feel a natural boost.
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Rich in dissolved Oxygen

Drinking enriched dissolved Oxygen water increases the level of oxygen in our body at the cell level and helps us to recover faster, it also improves performance and recharges each cell of your body, learn more.


Proprietary Patent Pending CFZ Technology

State of the art proprietary patent pending CZF technology gives our water potential of unique benefits, learn more.


Medically Recommended

Watch Dr. Rey Linares MD videos about the benefits of Superwater HyOx, learn more.

Eat and drink healthy new trend

Besides being a great companion for food SuperWater HyOx brings benefits to your body as well, you can drink it smoothly since it feels very light. Make a change in your life and start to feel better immediately.


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Bottled with high technology

SuperWater Hyox is bottled in the cleanest environment and it is done guaranteeing and preserving all the great characteristics of the enriching process applied to the water by the proprietary patent pending CFZ technology.


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